Get started with Connect

CFC's intuitive trading platform is changing the way that policies are bought and sold. 

Are you a CFC broker looking for a quicker, more efficient way to quote and bind policies? Enter Connect, which uses just one piece of data a business's web address to seamlessly return quotes that can be amended and bound in real time.

Why use Connect?

The smarter way to quote

Leveraging CFC’s proprietary data enrichment technology, users enter just one piece of information – a domain name – and Connect does the rest, scouring publicly-available business data and returning a quote within seconds.

The power is in your hands

Connect allows users to obtain quotes, adjust coverage and limits, bind policies, and track orders and renewals – all with zero touch from underwriters. All this makes Connect the fastest and simplist way to transact business.

Make client conversations easier

Connect helps brokers answer tough questions through its downloadable quote packs, complete with most common limits purchased, claims by frequency and severity, and case studies, all unique to each client’s business type and size.

Best Use of Technology for Customer Experience

Awarded for Connect at the 2020 Insurance Times Tech & Innovation Awards